How to Earn Money With facebook

Top 10 Ways to Make Money With Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. Whether you own a full-fledged business or you only have one item to sell, anybody can make money with Facebook. If you’re only using Facebook to message friends and take quizzes, consider some of these suggestions boost your income or start a side hustle. For most Read More


Discuss the structure of the play. How do the quick scene changes affect the plot?

In sheer number of scenes, Antony and Cleopatra outstrips all other Shakespearean plays. Act V, scene ii, the longest scene in the play, is a mere 356 lines, a modest length compared to scenes in Shakespeare’s other tragedies. The shortness of the scenes compresses our sense of both space and time. First, geographically speaking, the play shuttles the audience Read More

How to Earn Money With facebook

Top 10 Easy Way to make money online

In this page you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your free time. We’ll keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments! 1. Paid for searching the web. Interested in earning cash for doing what you already Read More

Bank Asia

Strategies and Business Objective of Bank Asia Ltd.

It set milestone by acquiring the business operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Dhaka, first in the banking history of Bangladesh. It again repeated the performance by acquiring the Bangladesh operations of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. (MCB), a Pakistani bank. In the year 2003 the Bank again came to the limelight with over Read More

CV Format

CV Format for Deputy General Manager

Job History & Professional Experience: (State your own experience; example: like…..) Present Employment: (Designation/Position) (Date) to Date, (Designation/Position) (Date) to Date, Previous Employment: (Designation/Position) (Date) to Date, (Designation/Position) (Date) to Date, Organization    A software Engineering Depot, to meet the software demands of PAF in the fields of Operations, Maintenance, R&D and training. Responsibilities                 Included Read More

Sample Resignation letter

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Pursuing Higher Study

Here briefly focus on sample Resignation Letter Due to Pursuing Higher Study. A properly written resignation letter in a positive tone is for your own benefit, as it helps in building a strong relationship with your supervisor; and helps in getting references as well. You can make any change to the below application as per Read More

Sample Request Letter to Donate for Charity Organization

Here briefly focus on Sample Request Letter to Donate for Charity Organization. Charity is usually done by people who are well off and those who can actually afford to go an extra mile for someone’s need. Whether you’re writing a donation request letter for a charity, a church, or other sponsorship, our sample donation letter Read More

Various Functions of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) is a statutory corporation. It is mainly an investment bank. As an investment bank is a financial institution, which mobilized fund from the surplus economic units by savings securities and developed funds to the deficit economic unit also by buying or underwriting securities After liberation in view of social economic Read More

SWOT Analysis of Human Resources in Orient Energy Systems Limited

Human resource management (HRM) is hestrategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the business. The terms “human resource management” and “human resources” (HR) have largely replaced the term “personnel management” as a description of the processes involved Read More