Brand name and Branding; Importance of branding.

What is Brand and Branding? Describe the importance of branding. Brand or Brand Name: Brand is a name given to a product or service or an idea by which it takes on an identity by itself. A brand is a unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image Read More

Discuss about the effective advertising.

Discuss about the blue print or layout of an ad. What are the methods of measuring advertising effectiveness? Answer: Layout is the physical arrangement of the various parts of an advertisement including the headline, subheads, illustrations, body copy & any identifying marks. Basic Principles: 1. First impression. 2. Atmosphere. 3. Artistic design. 4. Variety. 5. Read More

Discuss about the ethics in advertising.

Ethics & Truths in Advertising: Ethics are moral standards and principles against which behavior is judged. Honesty, integrity, fairness and sensitivity are all included in a broad definition of ethical behavior. Dealing with moral questions. Identify which is good and which is bad. The core things by which the ethics can be violated are : Read More

Importance of advertising for a business.

Answer: Advertising is the process of calling the attention of the public to a product or service by a business. Its not only informs your customers of a new product or service and reminds them of older ones, but it lets them know why they should buy yours as opposed to your competitor’s. The importance Read More

What is advertising? Explain the features and purposes of advertising.

Answer: Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation & promotion of ideas, goods & services by an identified sponsor. – American Marketing Association. Advertising consists of non personal forms of communication conducted through paid media under clear sponsorship. – Philip Kotler Advertising is any form of public announcement intended to aid directly or Read More

Marketing concepts and tools

What are the core concepts and tools of marketing? Answer: Marketing is the lifeblood that runs through the veins of all successful organizations. Without marketing, no matter how good the product or service, the organization will fail. It’s marketing that defines the distinctive features and benefits of the product or service, it’s marketing that sets Read More

What is marketing management? Discuss the scopes of marketing.

Answer: Marketing Management is the art and science of choosing target markets and getting keeping and growing customers through creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value..Marketing Management is the process allocating the resources of the organization toward marketing activities. Thus, a marketing manager is someone who is responsible for directing expenditures of marketing funds. Related Read More

Market segmentation. Bases of market segmentation.

What is market segmentation? Identify the bases of market segmentation. What are the requirements of effective segmentation? Explain the different levels of market segmentation. Answer: Market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into different parts on the basis of various features of market. The purpose of market segmentation is to provide maximum satisfaction Read More

Marketing environment.

How many types of marketing environment? Explain the influence of micro & macro environment on marketing. Marketing environment is the combination of some actors and forces that influence marketing activities. These elements affect marketing activities directly and indirectly. According to Philip kotler “A company’s marketing environment consists of the actors and forces outside of marketing Read More