What is Renaissance and what are its prominent features?

Discuss briefly the influence of the Renaissance in England and English literature. Answer: The Renaissance in English literature propelled poetry and theatrical drama to new heights. The Renaissance is a French word which means re-birth, revival or re-awakening. The Renaissance was both a revival of ancient classical mythology, literature and culture as well as a Read More

Historical background and literary features of the Elizabethan age (1550-1630).

Answer: The background of the Elizabethan socio-political life includes two great movements—”The Reformation” and “the Renaissance” The Reformation movement began completed before the Renaissance. It began during the reign of Henry VIII, the father of Queen Elizabeth I and the king of England. His reign ended in 1647. In fact, the entire period was a Read More

Write a note on origin and growth of English drama.

Answer:  Drama is a literary composition, which is performed by professional actors on stage (or theatre), before an audience. It involves conflicts, actions and a particular theme. Eye-catching make up, facial expressions and body language of the artists are prominent features. Origin of Drama: Western drama originated in Greece around 500 B.C. Ancient Greek drama Read More

Who were the University Wits? Discuss their contribution to English Drama.

Answer: The young authors, who were associated with Oxford and Cambridge, did much to found the Elizabethan School of Drama. They were all more or less acquainted with each other. And most of them led irregular and stormy life. These promising university scholars were branded as University Wits. They are— George Peele, Robert Greene, Thomas Read More

Write a note on Shakespeare’s handling of tragedy.

Answer: Shakespeare represents the first modern success in the projection of tragic view in literature. The tragic element is predominant in Shakespeare and in this context he compares and competes on equal terms with the greatest Greek tragedians and in some cases he even surpasses the Greek, particularly in the variety of characters, situations and Read More

Analyze Shakespeare’s treatment of comedy and tragic-comedy.

Shakespearean Comedy: Comedy is the kind of drama that entertains us and makes us laugh. Its main characters are often ordinary people—people who do not frighten us. We can smile at their weakness and can easily share their joys and sorrows. Comedy appeals to our sense of humour. Different kinds of comedy make us love Read More