Biography of Henrik Ibsen

A Norwegian playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen is considered as the father of Modern Theatre. He is also referred as the father of realism. After Shakespeare, he is considered as the second most influential and insightful dramatist and poet of the 19th century. Ibsen was born on 20th March 1828 in the city Skien, Norway. Read More

Summary of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll’s House traces the awakening of Nora Helmer from her previously unexamined life of domestic, wifely comfort. Having been ruled her whole life by either her father or her husband Torvald, Nora finally comes to question the foundation of everything she has believed in once her marriage is put to the test. Having borrowed Read More

Character of Nora Helmer in the play in A Doll’s House.

Answer: Nora Helmer is an excellent creation of Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian playwright and theater director. In the play “A Doll’s House”, she is one of the major characters. From the beginning to the end of the play, she keeps on changing radically. She develops and changes from a doll to an independent woman. She Read More

Symbols used in A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.

A Doll’s House is the play written by Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian playwright. Here in the play, the playwright uses various symbols which usually something concrete – an object, a place, a character, an action – that suggests for something abstract and universal. He uses them to convey his expected meaning to his readers. Here Read More