Write a critical appreciation of the poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn”.

Answer: “Ode on a Grecian Urn” is one of the most celebrated romantic poems by the great Romantic poet John Keats. The poem captures the poet’s subjective approach to an ancient Grecian urn and a traditional physical object like the urn has been used as metaphor to signify abstract ideas such as truth and eternity. Read More

What are the dominant themes in Keats Odes?

What are the dominant themes in Keats Odes? Or “Keats Odes grow directly out of inner conflicts.” — Explain. Or Discuss some of the main themes of Keats “Odes”. Answer: The poetic career of John Keats spanned only about five years, but in this brief period, he produced a small cache of literary gold. Keats Read More

Keats as a Romantic Poet.

Answer: Keats is in many ways the most romantic of all romantic poets. Romantic poetry aims at the complete expression of the individual as compared to classical poetry, which aims at the expression of social experience. Other romantic poets have some political or social comment in their poetry. But the poetry of Keats is not Read More

Discuss Keats as a poet of sensuousness.

Discuss Keats as a poet of sensuousness. Or Discuss the use of sensuous imagery in Keats poetry. Or Write a note on Keats sensuousness in his “Odes.” Or Comment on the sensuous qualities in Keats “Odes’, with illustrations. Or In what sense can we call Keats a sensuous poet? Answer: The poetry of Keats is Read More