Character of Eve in Paradise Lost.

Eve is the second human created by God, taken from one of Adam’s ribs and shaped into a female form of Adam. Far from the traditional model of a good wife, she is often unwilling to be submissive towards Adam. She is more intelligent and curious about external ideas than her husband. Though happy, she Read More

Describe the character of Adam in Paradise Lost.

Adam is the first human created by God. Though initially alone, Adam demands a mate from God. Considered God’s prized creation, Adam, along with his wife, rules over all the creatures of the world and resides in the Garden of Eden. He is more gregarious than Eve, and yearns for her company. His complete infatuation Read More

Elucidate the importance of The Fourth Book of Paradise Lost.

Answer: In the Fourth book of Paradise Lost, we are given more insight into the character of Eve and Satan. As Eve narrates her first waking moments after her own creation, we are immediately introduced to Eve’s weakness, vanity. She awakes near a lake and sees an image of herself and thinks the images beautiful. Read More

Do the speeches of Satan reveal that Milton was of the Devil’s party without knowing it? Justify your answer with reference to ‘Paradise Lost, Book 1’.

Answer: It was William Blake who observed that Milton belonged to the Devil’s party without knowing it. The remark implies that Milton unconsciously glorified Satan, especially in Book 1 of Paradise Lost. This point of view is typical of the Romantic spirit, and it makes Satan the real hero of Paradise Lost. The Romantics admired Read More

Discuss the character of Beelzebub in Paradise Lost.

Answer: In Paradise Lost, Beelzebub, along with Satan, was one of the brightest angels in heaven. After losing the war Satan and Beelzebub were hurled down from heaven by God, and imprisoned in hell. The pair deeply wanted revenge on God, and it was Beelzebub who came up with the plan for furtive revenge. The Read More

In what sense Milton is the child of Renaissance and Reformation?

In what sense Milton is the child of Renaissance and Reformation? Or, Show the blending of Renaissance and Reformation in Milton’s work. Answer: Milton’s work reflects the influence of both the reformation and the Renaissance. The Renaissance and the Reformation had their impact on England in the sixteenth century. Generally speaking, they exerted pulls in Read More

Give a description of Hell as depicted in Paradise Lost, Book-1.

Give a description of Hell as depicted in Paradise Lost, Book-1. Or Write a short note on Milton’s description of Hell in Paradise Lost, Book 1. Answer: In Paradise Lost, Milton gives a vivid’ and effective Picture of Hell. Hell is a place of torment, evoking the quality of sinister wilderness. It is a “dismal Read More

‘Paradise Lost’ as a Classic Epic.

Consider ‘Paradise Lost’ as an Epic. Or, What qualities of an epic do you find in ‘Paradise Lost’? Answer: Paradise Lost is one of the finest examples of epic tradition in all of literature. Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton. It was originally published in Read More