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What is marketing process? Explain the process of an effective marketing.

Answer: Marketing process is the procedure of determine the needs and wants of target customers, developing marketing strategies, creating value for the customer and building good relationship with target customers. The marketing process is given below: Determining the market place and needs of customers. Designing a customer driven marketing strategy. Integrated marketing planning and programs. Read More

Earn Money at Home

What is marketing? Explain the core concepts of marketing.

Answer: Marketing is the process of identifying needs and wants of target customers and delivering the product and service to customer for earning profit. Marketing is the process of developing and exchanging ides, goods, and services that satisfy customer and organizational needs with the help of pricing, promotion and distribution. According to Philip Kotler “Marketing Read More

What is marketing promotion? Explain the tools of marketing promotion.

Marketing promotion: Marketing promotion is the way of communicating information between seller and buyer to change attitude and behavior. Promotion is the method you use to spread the word about your product or service to customers, stakeholders and the broader public. First you have to identify your target market. Then you’ll have a good idea Read More