Write a note on the art of Robert Frost

Or Write an essay on the poetic technique of Robert Frost. Or Discuss the poetic style of Frost. Or Write an essay on the language, diction and versification of Robert Frost. Answer: The poetic technique of Frost, his poetic art, is remarkable. He is a great metrical artist, a great word painter. Almost like Wordsworth’s declared Read More

What is the poet’s message in “Mending Wall”?

Answer: The theme of a work is not its subject, but rather its central idea, which may be stated directly or indirectly. In literature, theme means the central/dominating idea, the message implicit in a work. Theme is a comment, an observation or insight about the subject. The subject of a poem may be a flower, but Read More

What contrast do you find between Warren and his wife Mary?

Answer:  Warren and Mary are husband and wife, two characters beside the protagonist, Silas. The poet has depicted these two characters in such a way that the one stands out sharply in contrast with the other. Warren, the farmer, and master of the old servant Silas, is portrayed as a man callous to the human dignity Read More

Robert Frost The Road Not Taken.

Discuss the dilemma that the poet faced when the poet had to choose one road out of two. Was the poet wise in choosing the road not frequented by people? What do you think? Answer: In the poem, “The Road not Taken” the poet Robert Frost has showed a dilemma which he faced when he had Read More

Justify the title of the poem “Out, Out” by Robert Frost.

Answer: The title of a poem is dependent on its theme; that is, the title strikes or expresses the main topic of a poem. Abrams says in his A Glossary of Literary Terms, “Theme … is applied to a thesis or doctrine which an imaginative work is designed to incorporate and make persuasive to the reader Read More

Evaluate Frost as a poet of Nature.

Or Characterize Frost as a poet of Nature. Or Point out the characteristics of Frost’s poetry which mark him as a poet of Nature.   Answer: From a study of the characteristics of his poetry we can form an idea about Frost as a poet of Nature. Though he differs in his attitude towards Nature from Read More

How does Frost deal with the theme of loneliness in his poems?

Or Depict the theme of alienation in the poems of Robert Frost. Or Discuss the poetry of Frost as the poetry of isolation.   Answer: The theme of alienation or isolation is a recurrent one in Frost’s poems. The word alienation actually belongs to psychology. It means different things in psychology, but the meaning that is Read More