Write a note on the element of humor in Twelfth Night.

“The humor of Twelfth Night is certainly one of its Chief charms.” Illustrate. Answer: Shakespeare is able to incorporate much humor in the play Twelfth Night through the physical comedy, wit and wordplay and the use of dramatic irony. Shakespeare brings out the elements of comedy to the audience, keeping them entertained and creating a Read More

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night as a boisterous comedy.

Answer: Twelfth Night is the most delightful Shakespearean comedy because it has an abundance of sweetness. Hazlitt even thought that the play is too good to be deemed as a comedy. Moreover, it has very little satire, and is more concerned with the ludicrous than the ridiculous. Shakespeare has already been very gentle while exposing Read More

Disguises and changes of clothing of Twelfth Night.

“Disguises and changes of clothing are central to the plot of Twelfth Night”, discuss it. Or Which character in the play spends time in disguise, and how is this thematically important? Answer: Many people in Twelfth Night assume a disguise of one kind or another. The most obvious example is Viola, who puts on the Read More

Twelfth Night

Historical Background of Twelfth Night.

Answer: Although fifteenth-century England had been a time of grave civil unrest and violence, by the time Shakespeare achieved prominence during Elizabeth and James’ reigns it was enjoying a period of socio-political security and respect for the arts. Queen Elizabeth’s reign extended from 1558 until 1603, when she was succeeded by the Scottish King James. Read More

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy.

Consider Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy. Or Twelfth Night is a typical romantic comedy of Shakespeare.” Discuss. Or What aspects of Twelfth Night justify its being called a romantic play? Or Critically comment on Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy. Or Consider Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy. Or Bring out the romantic elements Read More