Discuss the structure of the play. How do the quick scene changes affect the plot?

In sheer number of scenes, Antony and Cleopatra outstrips all other Shakespearean plays. Act V, scene ii, the longest scene in the play, is a mere 356 lines, a modest length compared to scenes in Shakespeare’s other tragedies. The shortness of the scenes compresses our sense of both space and time. First, geographically speaking, the play shuttles the audience Read More

Contrast Cleopatra with Octavia. How is each representative of her civilization?

Cleopatra and Octavia represent rival civilizations. Cleopatra’s beauty and seductiveness are without question. Even Enobarbus, who resents the queen’s command over Antony, acknowledges the undeniable strength of her powers. In fact, his description of Cleopatra in Act II, scene ii offers the play’s most complete picture of her beauty and charms. In a world devoted Read More

Plot Overview or Summary of ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA

Mark Antony, one of the three rulers of the Roman Empire, spends his time in Egypt, living a life of decadence and conducting an affair with the country’s beautiful queen, Cleopatra. When a message arrives informing him that his wife, Fulvia, is dead and that Pompey is raising an army to rebel against the triumvirate, Read More

The Merchant of Venice full movie

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare | Full Movie

 Antonio, a Venetian merchant, complains to his friends of a melancholy that he cannot explain. His friend Bassanio is desperately in need of money to court Portia, a wealthy heiress who lives in the city of Belmont. Bassanio asks Antonio for a loan in order to travel in style to Portia’s estate. Antonio agrees, Read More

Hamlet by William Shakespeare | Hamlet full video

 The play opens up with some night watchmen seeing the ghost of the last king, who recently died. They set out to find the ghost’s son, Hamlet, and tell him. Then we’re introduced to the new king, who is the old king’s brother, and his queen, who was previously the first king’s wife and Read More

The-Tempest Summary

The Tempest by William Shakespeare | Full Movies & Summary

 Summary: A storm strikes a ship carrying Alonso, Ferdinand, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Stephano, and Trinculo, who are on their way to Italy after coming from the wedding of Alonso’s daughter, Claribel, to the prince of Tunis in Africa. The royal party and the other mariners, with the exception of the unflappable Boatswain, begin to Read More

All's Well That Ends Well

Character in All’s Well That Ends Well | William Shakespeare

Helena – The play’s heroine. The orphan daughter of a great doctor, she is the ward of the Countess of Rousillon, and hopelessly in love with the Countess’ son, Bertram. Her good qualities are attested to by nearly every character in the play, and events prove her a resourceful and determined woman, who is not easily discouraged Read More

All's Well That Ends Well

Parolles’ role in the play All’s Well That Ends Well

Bertram’s companion is, by general agreement, a boastful, cowardly, treacherous character. Bertram’s unpleasant qualities have occasioned some critics to argue that it is Parolles who leads Bertram astray–that he is the villain of the piece. This, however, elevates Parolles higher than he deserves, raising him to the level of true Shakespearen evil, akin to Iago Read More

All's Well That Ends Well

Discuss the perspective on relations between the sexes in All’s Well That Ends Well

Like all of Shakespeare’s comedies, the plot of All’s Well That Ends Well is primarily concerned with bringing young people together in marriage. It is not, however, a romantic play: relations between the sexes are relentlessly demystified. The good characters, like Helena and Diana, are moral, defending female virtue and monogamy against the lechery of Parolles and the adulterous advances of Read More