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Market Prediction | Assignment.

Market prediction is speculative markets created for the purpose of making predictions. The current market prices can then be interpreted as predictions of the probability of the event or the expected value of the parameter. People who buy low and sell high are rewarded for improving the market prediction, while those who buy high and Read More

What is Product? Classify different types of Product.

Answer: Product is anything that can be able to meet the needs and wants of target customers. A product is anything offered for sale for the purpose of satisfying a want or need on both side of the exchange process. A product is a set of tangible and intangible attributes including packaging, color, price, quality Read More

Discuss about the Investment Entry Mode in the foreign market.

Answer: The investment decision process involves several sub decision taken over a lengthy period of time. With multiple feedbacks that stimulate the reconsideration of earlier decisions. The figure shows the complex structure of decisions process by means of sequence of checkpoints:   Investment entry modes—General Appraisal:   Companies invest in foreign production for these basic Read More

Discuss about the Contractual Entry Mode in the foreign market.

Answer: Profitability analysis requires estimation of both international revenue and incremental costs. Licensing is used when exporting or equity investment cannot use. As a result, licensing is considered its marginal activities of manufacturers. This causal approach encourages 2 bad decisions; Under licensing—manufacturer ignores licensing when it is more profitable (should do). Over licensing—Manufacturers enter into Read More

Intelligent Support Systems.

What is Intelligent Support Systems? Discuss about the Decision support systems (DSS), Executive information systems (EIS) and Artificial intelligence and expert systems (AIES) Answer: Intelligent support systems (ISS) are systems that facilitate decision requiring the use of knowledge, intuition and experience. Systems that fall into this category are: A. Decision support systems (DSS): Decision support Read More

Transaction processing systems.

Discuss the characteristics and steps of transaction processing systems. Answer: A transaction processing system is an information system that records company transactions (a transaction is defined as an exchange between two or more business entities). A transaction processing system meets the needs of operational managers; the output of the TPS becomes the input to an Read More

Importance of Management Information System.

Why students should study Management Information System? Why organization’s Need Information Systems? Answer: Today, every student, regardless of his or her area of specialization, must have a solid foundation in the theory and principles of information systems. There are several reasons for this. First, in an information-based society, the primary output of organizational workers consists Read More

Management Information System.

  Scopes of Management Information System. Answer: Management information systems are a broad class of systems that provide decision makers with the information necessary to make effective decisions in a world that has almost overnight become an “electronic showroom”. Such systems are competitive tools that allow organizations to create new, innovative products and service quickly, Read More