Intelligent Support Systems.

What is Intelligent Support Systems? Discuss about the Decision support systems (DSS), Executive information systems (EIS) and Artificial intelligence and expert systems (AIES) Answer: Intelligent support systems (ISS) are systems that facilitate decision requiring the use of knowledge, intuition and experience. Systems that fall into this category are: A. Decision support systems (DSS): Decision support Read More

Transaction processing systems.

Discuss the characteristics and steps of transaction processing systems. Answer: A transaction processing system is an information system that records company transactions (a transaction is defined as an exchange between two or more business entities). A transaction processing system meets the needs of operational managers; the output of the TPS becomes the input to an Read More

Management Information System.

  Scopes of Management Information System. Answer: Management information systems are a broad class of systems that provide decision makers with the information necessary to make effective decisions in a world that has almost overnight become an “electronic showroom”. Such systems are competitive tools that allow organizations to create new, innovative products and service quickly, Read More