To what extent is character and fate responsible for tragedy in Return of the Native

Pessimism, Fatalism, Determinism: Words like pessimism, fatalism and determinism have freely been used by critics and readers to describe Hardy’s philosophy of life. These labels largely convey his outlook and attitude. Every where in the novels of Hardy, human beings appear to us crushed by a superior force. He is pessimistic because he believes that Read More

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The role, function and significance of Egdon Heath with attitudes of various characters to it

Symbolic of Hardy’s philosophy: RN has been called “The Book of Egdon Heath”. With most of the other novels of Hardy, the scene could be transposed to other part of Wessex without affecting the story except RETURN OF THE NATIVE where Egdon Heath is the dominant factor. Wessex was an old name for a territory Read More

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Thomas Hardy’s art of plot-construction in Return of the Native

Symmetry and unity: The plots in the novels of Hardy show a remarkable unity and symmetry. Hardy’s training as an architect seems to have greatly influenced his art in the construction of his plots. The RETURN OF THE NATIVE has a plot which admirably built and constructed. The plot largely follows the logic of cause Read More

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