CV Format

CV Format for Deputy General Manager

Job History & Professional Experience: (State your own experience; example: like…..)

Present Employment:

(Designation/Position) (Date) to Date,

(Designation/Position) (Date) to Date,

Previous Employment:

(Designation/Position) (Date) to Date,

(Designation/Position) (Date) to Date,


A software Engineering Depot, to meet the software demands of PAF in the fields of Operations, Maintenance, R&D and training.


Included Administration, HR, Operation, emergency management and Training along with professional support in development of software. Served from (Date).

Field Experience

(Organization/Institution) from (date) to (date).

Computer Proficiency

MS Office (Word, Power Point, & Excel),

MS Office & Project Management,

Internet Browsing etc.

Language Proficiency

Read write and speak English, (State other language, if you know).

Skills & Competencies:          

Human Resource Management,

General Administration and Security Management.

Communication and interpersonal skills.

Coping with stress, Emergencies handling

Deep Observations, Strong analytical skills.


Creativity and working with diverse groups of people

(State Skills, if you have)


Swimming, Reading, Photography, Designing, cooking, etc.