Discuss about the effective advertising.

Discuss about the blue print or layout of an ad.
What are the methods of measuring advertising effectiveness?

Answer: Layout is the physical arrangement of the various parts of an advertisement including the headline, subheads, illustrations, body copy & any identifying marks.


Basic Principles:

1. First impression.

2. Atmosphere.

3. Artistic design.

4. Variety.

5. Space division & balance.

6. Unit placement.

Q. Discuss about the effective advertising.

It would be sum up in one phrase – ‘be in the right media, going to the right people with right message at the right time’. These are the principles of advertising effectiveness.

Purpose / objective of advertising effectiveness testing / measure:

1. To select right advertisement, right media & coordinate advertising & media.

2. To test in developing advertising & media selection in future.

3. To test why it is effective.

4. To find out ineffectiveness.

5. To reduce advertising cost.


Q. What are the methods of measuring advertising effectiveness?

Methods of measuring advertising effectiveness:

1. Pre test of advertising:

a. Consume jury test.

b. The inquiry test method.

c. Sales area or sales result test.

d. Rating scale or checklist method.

e. Laboratory method.

i. Eye camera.

ii. The galvanic skin response.

iii. Pupillometrics.

2. Post test of advertising:

a. Recognition or leadership test method.

b. Recall test method.

i. Unaided recall test.

ii. Aided recall test.