Discuss about the ethics in advertising.

Ethics & Truths in Advertising:advertising

Ethics are moral standards and principles against which behavior is judged. Honesty, integrity, fairness and sensitivity are all included in a broad definition of ethical behavior. Dealing with moral questions. Identify which is good and which is bad.

The core things by which the ethics can be violated are :

Untruthful Advertise                                  (Jeans can be cut by train – Levi’s).

Testimonials                                               (Using stars, as Shaharukh).

Misleading names & labels                       (Bata – Bala).

Exaggeration & mislead presentation      (Medicine for any kind of sickness).

Creating erroneous impression                (I will be rich by buying lottery).

Poor taste                                                  (add of soil, cloth testing).

What factors should you consider for writing a good copy for radio / TV etc?

Properties of a Good Copy (Slogan, Illustration):

1. Brevity.

2. Clarity.

3. Aptness.

4. Interesting.

5. Personal.

6. Time publication.

7. Economy.

8. Sincere & convincing.

9. Use of appropriate figure.

10. Use of rhythm.

Forms of Copy / Types of copy:

1. Comic Scripts: Cartoon, humor. Usually children are the target customers.

2. Contest: The main theme will be a competition between customer to buy the brand – Lottery / Scratch Card etc.

3. Premiums: Free shampoo with soap. By using sales promotion, it is done on the spot.

Slogan: It is the bit (short) message crystallizing an important idea about the product which expressed at greater length in the copy. Slogan is the part of copy & it can be the headline.

Headline: It is the part of copy which has been made to stand out in the advertisement by the size or style of type in which it has been set, the prominence of its location or the white space surrounding it. Information can be the headline as, Special rate for Privet University Students.

Types or Kinds of Headlines:

1. Directive : Guidance, take the service in urgent situation.

2. News : Coming soon.

3. Slogan : Main slogan is used as headline. Two children are enough.

4. Rational : Without using the emotion the core thing will be presented.

5. Curiosity : Stock is limited.

6. Emotional : I love my mother.

7. Gimmick : Save your time, save your fuel cost.

8. Personified : Indicate various people – Amir Khan.