Silas Marner

Discuss the character of Eppie in the novel Silas Marner.

Character of EppieAnswer: Eppie is the significant female character in the novel Silas Marner. In the chapter twelve of the novel, she comes to the scene. Her arrival at the scene is a turning point in the novel. Eppie enters the story of the novel a little after its missile has been reached. When Eppie enters the story she was only two years old. It is by sheer chance that she appears in Marner cottage.

When Eppie enters into the cottage of Marner, she was a very little girl. At this stage, She cannot say do anything, but she makes an enormous impact on the story. The story gets a new dimension and direction by her arrival. The plot of the novel becomes disappointed and crestfallen after losing his guineas gold. He loses all sorts of inspiration life when he lost his hard earned riches. But Eppies arrival provides Marner with hope an aspiration. Actually Eppie was an incentive to Marner.

Eppie is an indispensable part to the novel. It there is no Eppie, there is no story. If Eppie were eliminated from the novel, the plot would crumble down. The whole intention of the author would thereby be completely upset. Eppie herself does not do much in terms of physical action. But she influences the course of event and the lives of number persons do such an extent that the novel gets grander.

Eppie is an important character in the novel but she is not the heroine. She has no heroine quality in her. She grows up from childhood to adulthood like any average girl. She has her sheer of naughtiness as a child. She grows up under the care of most loving men to have adopted her and who rears her quite competently, because of the help and guidance of kind hatred women by the dolly Winthrop During the year of her growth; she becomes friendly with Dolly Winthrop son Aaron. Towards, the end to the novel we see her married to Aaron.


We have just said that there is nothing heroic about Eppie. But she does come close to earring the title ‘heroic’ When her real father and his second wife Nancy com to Marner ’s cottage in order to take her away to their own house. Eppie shows her nobility of mind and the heroic side of her character by refusing to go with them. She expresses her opinion. She cannot forsake the father who has reared has from her childhood onwards and who in his old age needs her. Godfrey and Nancy tell her that they would make her a lady. She would enjoy and comforts and would be entitled as the daughter of the squire.

But Eppie expresses her contentment with her present life. Thus her refusal to go with her real father shows her sincere affection for Marner and her sincere love for Aaron. And her refusal shows always loved her. It also shows her steadiness of her character. Eppie represent the best of human nature that she emerges as the most important female character in the novel.

Eppie is herself passive. She is an innocent character. She does not do practical work, but her very existence give strong push to the plot and brings about a radical change in lives of all the character. It is she whose presence in Marner’s cottage brings about the regeneration of Marner by reviving his dead feeling of love and affection. She arouses in him. Marner desires for fellowship with other people. Godfrey’s regeneration also starts when he Godfrey takes an active interest in Eppie. Thus it is found that Eppie is the central attraction in the novel ‘Sails Marner’ without Eppie the novel will loss maximum interest beauty.