Business CommunicationAnswer: The term e-communication means electronic communication. When communication takes place with the help of electronic devices like compute and other means, it is called e-communication. It is mainly based on computer.

According to Bovee and Others “Electronic communication is the transmission of information using advanced techniques such as computer modem, facsimile machines, voice mail, video cassettes and private television networks.

From the above discussion we can say that; e-communication means the communication system where information is conveyed by the use of the devices of information technology.

Importance or advantages of E-Communication:

The modern devices of communication have given it a new dimension. Now day’s people can communicate with each other easily with the help of modern electronic devices. The importance or advantages of e-communication are discussed below from various aspects:

  • Quickest means of communication: E-communication is considered as the quickest means of communication. Communication can be completed within few minutes with the help of e-communication.
  • More accurate and precise: Message can be sent to receiver more accurately and precisely with the help of computer technology.
  • Easy reproduction of complex data: The reproduction of complex data like table, chart, graph etc is quite impossible manually. But with the help of computer software it can be produced easily.
  • Overcome distance barriers: E-communication reduces distance barrier. With the help of e-communication we can communicate anywhere of the world within few minutes.
  • Storing information: With the help of e-communication we can easily store our information by floppy, CD, tapes etc. for longer period of time.
  • Powerful means of communication: Computer based communication system has become the most powerful means of communication.
  • Wide access: The accessibility of computer based communication is much wider than other communication methods. With the help of e-communication message can be communicated to the people of remote area.

From the above discussion we can say that; E-communication has great contribution in our lives, especially in the area of communication. So, the importance of e-communication can never be underscored.

Disadvantages or Limitation of E-Communication:

E-communication not only provides various advantages but also creates some problems in the communication. The major disadvantages of e-communication are given below:

No legal validity: The major disadvantage of e-communication is that the computerized data or information does not have any legal validity like written communication.

Omission of informal communication: People may do their job staying away from their office with the help of computer technology. This tendency drops the informal communication system within organization.

Leakage of secret information: Sometimes highly secret and confidential information is leaked out from the computerized system of communication by computer enemies or hackers.

Hindering working relationship: E-communication creates hinder working relationship due to face to face working communication. It will create barrier to establish good working environment within the organization.

Attacks of virus: Modern communication devices are not out of risk. It may attack by virus that may cause lose of important data and information forever.

Others: There are some other ethical and moral aspects of using modern devices of communication. For example, the use of modern devices in communication can raise unemployment problem in the country like Bangladesh.

From the above discussion we can say that; whatever the disadvantages are, the importance and contribution of c-communication is really outstanding in our daily life. We should use the modern devices of communication carefully to capitalize its advantages.

Major devices E-Communication:

The term e-communication means electronic communication. When communication takes place with the help of electronic devices like compute and other means, it is called e-communication. It is mainly based on computer. People and organizations use different modern devices of communication technology. The major media of e-communication are discussed below:

  • Telephone: Telephone is one of the oldest media of communication. In most of the cases, it is the easiest and less expensive way of communicating distance people.
  • Telex: Telex is an important device of modern communication technology. Under this system, a tele-printer is used by which information can be communicated from one place to another with the help of a machine. The tele-printer is consists of two parts; 1). Keyboard transmitter and 2). Receiver. This is one of the quickest and accurate methods of exchanging written messages.
  • Facsimile or Fax: The use of fax is usually increasing for transmitting visual materials such as picture, diagrams, illustrations etc. Here the fax machine is connected with a telephonic. The fax machine has made it possible to send copies of important documents including certificates, testimonials, degree, and agreements etc. from one place to another at the speed of telephone call.
  • Electronic Mail or E-Mail: E-mail is one of the most widely used and most popular methods of modern communication system. Here two computer terminals are connected together on network to transfer messages from one to another. The receiver can easily get the message by opening his mailbox in his computer.
  • Voice Mail or V-Mail: Voice mail is a form of e-mail. It is used to send the voice of the sender instead of sending written message to the receiver.
  •  Tele-text: Tele-text is an electronic device of broadcasting written message through television. Telex is widely used t present strict and concise information. Business information, stock market, etc are useful to present through tele-text.
  • Teleconferencing: Under teleconferencing system people staying at different p laces can hold talks or meeting over telephone. It can save both money and time of the executives.
  • Videoconferencing: It is the latest version of teleconferencing system. Under this system people can meet and work together without being gathered in one room. They can hear and see each other over the television and can share information with one another. It also saves time and money of high officials.
  • Word processor: A word processor is an electronic device where a computer is combined with a typewriter. It can greatly simplify the job of written communication. It is a very useful medium of communication technology as it provides some important advantages.
  • Internet: It is the latest and most amazing development that has changed the way of life regarding communication. It is the world largest computer network linked together by telephone lines, satellites links. It can be used for sending e-mail, for advertisement, for teleconferencing and so on.
  • Multimedia: It is an excellent invention for upgrading the communication system. It is a combination of many media brought together to transfer messages. These media are: graphics, photo music text and animation. It can be effectively used for advertising and publicity campaigns. It is a very powerful means of communication.
  • Face book: It has become recently one of the most effective electronic communication media for establishing social as well as business relationship. It is mainly a social networking service which was found by Mark Zuckerberg. People can share their feelings, emotion opinions, etc. by face book very rapidly.
  • Twitter: It is the latest development of electronic communication. It is an online social networking and micro logging service that enables its user send and read test.
  • Others: There are some other modern devices of communication besides the above ones. They are electronic typewriter, personal computer, and other different computer based software.

From the above discussion we can say that; the modern communication devices have given a new shape in the entire information communication system.