William Shakespeare | Macbeth | Character of Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth is Macbeth’s wife. When the audience first sees her in I.v, she is reading a letter from Macbeth about his encounter with the weird sisters and about his new title. Lady Macbeth promises to provide Macbeth with the courage he needs to make the prophecy come true, fearing that his nature is too Read More

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Character of Lady Macbeth.

Character of Lady Macbeth. Or, Lady Macbeth’s influence on Macbeth. Answer: Lady Macbeth is a character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (c.1603–1607). She is the wife to the play’s protagonist, Macbeth, a Scottish nobleman. After goading him into committing regicide, she becomes Queen of Scotland, but later suffers pangs of guilt for her part in the crime. Read More

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