Silas Marner

Discuss the theme of Nemesis in the novel Silas Marner.

Silas MarnerAnswer: The formal meaning of the word ‘Nemesis’ is punishment or defeat that is undesired and cannot be avoided. As for the law of nature the evil doers have to supper in the long run. The wrong actions are naturally criticized and bitterly punished though late. The working of Nemesis in the “Silas Marner” is a conspicuous and significant feature of the novel. Of course, Nemesis begins to show itself only in the latter part, because it is only when human beings have first been shown as having committed some wrong and misdeeds that an author can bring into focus the dire consequences of those wrongs and misdeeds. It is said that the sinner are punished even at the eleventh hours.

In first part of the novel ‘Silas Marner’ the author narrates career of Marner. Marner is shown as a weaver up to the point where has lost his money and failed to find it out. In the same half of the novel the author also tells us about Godfrey’s secret marriage and his failure to have returned his father the amount of money which he had taken from a tenant on his father’s behalf. A third wrong committed by Godfrey a little letter in the novel. Nemesis will ‘of course’ begin gradually.

Marner, the weaver use to live in locality called Lantern which was a large industrial town in the north. Marner was a veteran worshiper Christianity. He used to attend the churches very much regularly. He was very honest man and innocent. He was a regular reader of the Bible. But he way false accused of the theft. As a result, his social position and prestige was scandalized. He incused social sensor and castigation. As the after math of this blame, he lost Sarah, his beloved. The soft bosom of the Marner was buffeted by the false charge of theft. Marner lost his faith in men, religion and even in god.

Marner left his own town lantern yard. He lost his faith in god and religion. Marner was veteran Christian. As a reader of the Bible it was really a wrong deal. Losing his faith in god and religion Marner committed a serious sin. He jumped to the conclusion quickly without waiting for divine justice. This was sufficient for Marner to suffer.

Marner comes to Raveloe. He began to suffer the consequence of his own sin. Marner did not wait for divine judgment in his own city Lantern yard. That is why he had to face Nemesis. Here in Raveloe the villagers regarded Marner as stronger. They looked upon him with suspicion. He found himself as solitary individual. The villagers in Raveloe, were religious in mentality. But Marner was irreligious. As result he failed to adjust to circumstances. He had to lead a lonely life being devoid of all social interactions. This was a state of en communication silent punishment in the life of Marner the weaver.


But within a very short time Marner came back to his normal life. He engaged himself in money making activities. As a result of his endeavor he could accumulate a consider ramble amount of wealth in learns of gold gunnies and silver crowns become the object of adoration. He began to spend less and less and saved more and more. He became and miser and closefisted man .Actually Marner became money– obsessed man. To him money is more valuable than human values. Money sized him innocent qualities. Money becomes the object of devotion and adoration instead of bible. This was the second sin which Marner committed. Nemesis showed itself later when Marner lost all the money which he would adore. But later on, fortune smiled on Marner. He achieved the give of a little girl with golden hair. This little girl, who was named as Eppie, became the shores of regeneration.

We see the working of nemesis in Godfrey’s life. Godfrey married a girt below his standard very much secretly. Being the son of a square it was the breach of honor. Godfrey had no decency in selecting his life partner or better half. He misappropriated his father’s money. All these were wrong deeds on part of Geoffrey. He also had to suffer mental torture for these wrong deeds. He had been always in fear list his secrete marriage should come to light. Godfrey again suffered for his misdeed when failed to acknowledge his own daughter in the arms of Marner. Godfrey also concealed his secrete marriage to Nancy. This was the breach of the moral code to life Nancy was a better wife. But she could not produce a child. The couple remains in their state of childlessness. It was serious torture for a man who had good wife but not a child. Here nemesis showed his touch. Godfrey wanted to get back his daughter Eppie. But he was discarded and rejected.

All this point nemesis reviled with itself with full vigor and vitality. Nemesis reached its zenith in the case Denton case. Denton stole Marner’s hoarded and gold he committed a robbery. By doing this he breached the code of honor and morality. For doing two misdeeds he had to suffer cruel catastrophe. Nemesis over took him he slipped into one of the stone-pits which was full of water to the brim. He downed along with the stolen money. We find working of nemesis– suffering for bad deeds– incase of Molly, mother of Eppie. Molly, the addicted mother, died under the ice. She died a tragic death. Because of being over addicted she could not chalk out the direction offer life. Her life was like a boat without a boat man. Father took a revenge on his. It was also an act of nemesis.

Thus it is found that Nemesis exerted itself in case of all important character. Such as- Silas Marner, Godfrey, Dunston Cass and Molly.